Mercy EP

by These Charming Cobras

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Pool sesh sounds.


released October 9, 2012

Tracked by Damon S. Archuletta and Lukus Carr.
Mixed by Damon Archuletta
Art by D. Archuletta

Drums and Vocals- Tommy Archuleta
Bass-Chris Chavez
Guitar- Damon Archuletta



all rights reserved


These Charming Cobras Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: Mercy
You hate light, I can tell—
not one star will talk to you.
Cook me slow, smell my smell
Flick the cask and come to me

Are we good, are we gold?
Are we bound for the tail of the dragon?

Bat your eyes if you can,
once for Stay, twice for Go
Pay no mind to Mr. Hyde
Count to ten, enjoy the ride

Are we good, are we gold?
Are we off for the tail of the dragon?
Are we good, are we gold?
Better me than the devil you don’t know.
Track Name: Jaywalker
Saw your tag today
on a five car train—
a rocket sled to the chest

Heard the snake like sound
of the hit downtown
the night you met the dead

Never found the crew
that crossed out you
in icebox blue
never saw the knife
never thought your life
would end that night

Can’t believe the J
is still a blaze
of wicked chrome and red

May your name remain
and the art you made
forever in my head
Track Name: Semicola
Tricked every tripwire
picked every lock
opened your black heart
like it or not

Ever gone, ever Mars-bound
grab my hopes on your way back down

Lit like a gas fire
night after night
wanna believe you
lie after lie

Ever cold, ever snowbound
cookin rocks not to feel
Miss your teeth, miss that hot sound
when you’re go’in down on—

Miss you so like you don’t know
want you back but I don’t know
Ever high, every sky bound
wake me up when you come back down
Track Name: Anodyne
Fading, it feels like you’re fading,
turning from this mess into mist
Nothing, not even the deeps of sleeping
Cures me, like a hit of blade to wrist

Opened—is that how they found you?
Unbound, free as the air all around you

Tell me, what gives with the caring?
Show me, as if you could, what I missed?
Nothing, not even the love you show me
heals me, like the kiss of blade to wrist

Opened—is that how they found you?
Unbound, free as the clouds above us
Woken—no other word describes you
Chosen, to sever the dark that chased you
Track Name: Pipedown
Blues & blacks
pinks & reds
I’ve done’m all
to fix my head
to stop your voice
from haunting me
cuz it won’t quit
cuz it won’t pipedown

way down to two
down, straight down to you

don’t mind much
the whispering
the loaded sighs
the muttering
but come the night
and all it brings
it rises to
a silent scream—pipedown

right down, to two
down, straight down to you

Gave you all
that I could give
I saved the house
I saved the kid
but when it came
to saving you
the dope won out
the voices too—pipe down

right down, to two
down, straight down to you
Track Name: Carousel
You look so sad
stricken down to the darkest gray—
hell ain’t half bad, I swear

First she purrs then she raves
round and round every single day
Wants a ring, wants to fight, right now
Says you suck, says you win, calls you satan
Says you light up her life, but not which one

You look burned out
charred on down to the lowest grade—
bad love fallout, I swear

First he lies then he prays
up and down every single day
wants a maid not a wife, and how
Calls you queen, rubs your feet, says you’re broken
Says you’re the light of his life, yeah right

Best get off, best high tail
hit the road cuz the system’s failed
or bear down, and shut your mouth, and tell her:

You’re for me, I’m for you
one for me, two for you
Why on earth do I lie to you?
Hell for me, hell for you

Or walk out, and let go, pack your clothes
hit the road cuz the system’s failed
or bear down, lock and load, and tell him:
You don’t know how much you mean to me